Thursday, March 1, 2012

All Gadget Everything

White Gadget Everything
It really hit me when I was taking a survey. Are we addicted to gadgets? Do you even remember life before smartphones, DVR's and streaming technology? The question was:

Which of the following devices do you own or have within your household? Please select all that apply.
  • desktop computer
  • laptop
  • eReader
  • tablet
  • smartphone (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android)
  • none of these 
I won't admit to my answer but let's just assume I didn't answer "none of these."


  1. We are 'Totally Addicted to gadgets. Could not live without my computer. Won't leave home without my cellphone. I am soooo spoiled by my DVR that when I'm in the car listening to my favorite radio station and they say something I didn't hear I want to push the rewind button, but alas, it's not there...LOL

    Hugs, Yogi

  2. Yes, we are totally addicted, Yogi. LOL So funny that you wish to rewind the radio. Someday that feature will be available.