Sunday, April 17, 2011

Get Me Bodied...on the Couch with a Remote

While commenting on Converting Me blog, I decided to post something similar here. If you follow me on Twitter, you are familiar with my live tweets on drama, reality, and award shows. Every week I tell myself that I'll stop killing brain cells by watching the tube less. Welp, that hasn't happened yet. Why not? Because I can't stop missing all the fuckery on television! It puts a new perspective on my own life and makes me count my own blessings by watching reality TV. However, the drama shows are what really occupy my time. Plus, watching television is a huge part of me and Chickadee's quality time. We seriously make it an event with dinner, snacks, and interesting conversation. It's something I look forward to, even though she often falls asleep toward the end of prime time (Sh!t My Mama Do).

First of all, The Wire is one of the best drama series to ever exist. Its layering of story lines draw in watchers of every race and background. I'm still hoping for a follow-up film in theatres (along with The Sopranos). The cast of The Wire is valued by every network; hence, their frequent appearances. I love to see their faces again!

Without further ado, I'd like to share my weekly line-up. Post a comment below and let me know what you watch.

Secret Life of the American Teenager
Nurse Jackie
U.S. of Tara
The Closer*
Drop Dead Diva*

The Good Wife (I drop everything to tune in!)
Fairly Legal*

Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

Brothers & Sisters

*Shows I'm looking forward to the return of

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday I participated in a 24 Hour Read-a-Thon. You can read about my progress on Precision Reviews. It was the perfect time to start my free trial of Rolling Stone Magazine. Here's a few of my random thoughts while reading the current issue.

  • Welcome back, Brit! My timeline is abuzz with news of Rihanna and Britney teaming up for the S&M Rihmix. I'm in the minority and looking forward to it. Check out the funniest gif of Bey and Gaga's reaction when/if Brit and Rihanna perform the collabo live.
  • Wish I could've witnessed the mic battle between Kanye and Jay-Z at the SXSW. I won't mention how Ye forgot his own lyrics. -__-
  • Speaking of G.O.O.D. Music, Pusha T made Rolling Stone's Hot List. He won't be hot until he cuts those braids off.
  • Wiz Khalifa and Snoop need to have a seat. The rappers will begin shooting a new movie titled High School this spring. Of course's it is about smoking weed.
  • I'm all for healthy living and weight loss, but J Hud is a singing lollipop. Yeah, I said it.
  • On a more serious note, R.I.P. Nate Dogg, Pinetop Perkins, and Elizabeth Taylor.
  • Good luck to L.A. Reid who stepped down as Island Def Jam chair and will be a judge on Simon Cowell's new show The X Factor.
  • Congrats to my BFF-in-my-head Adele. Her new album, 21, is still #1 in the Top 40 Albums. Her debut album, 19, closes out the list at #40. Her voice brings chills. Watch her perform Someone Like You at the 2011 Brit Awards below: 
  • Prince's Kiss was a Top 10 single exactly 25 years ago (April 10, 1986). I was only four years old then, but it still jams. Watch his 2004 performance on Ellen below:

So those are my random thoughts of the current music news highlighted in this month's issue of Rolling Stone. Share yours.