Sunday, April 17, 2011

Get Me Bodied...on the Couch with a Remote

While commenting on Converting Me blog, I decided to post something similar here. If you follow me on Twitter, you are familiar with my live tweets on drama, reality, and award shows. Every week I tell myself that I'll stop killing brain cells by watching the tube less. Welp, that hasn't happened yet. Why not? Because I can't stop missing all the fuckery on television! It puts a new perspective on my own life and makes me count my own blessings by watching reality TV. However, the drama shows are what really occupy my time. Plus, watching television is a huge part of me and Chickadee's quality time. We seriously make it an event with dinner, snacks, and interesting conversation. It's something I look forward to, even though she often falls asleep toward the end of prime time (Sh!t My Mama Do).

First of all, The Wire is one of the best drama series to ever exist. Its layering of story lines draw in watchers of every race and background. I'm still hoping for a follow-up film in theatres (along with The Sopranos). The cast of The Wire is valued by every network; hence, their frequent appearances. I love to see their faces again!

Without further ado, I'd like to share my weekly line-up. Post a comment below and let me know what you watch.

Secret Life of the American Teenager
Nurse Jackie
U.S. of Tara
The Closer*
Drop Dead Diva*

The Good Wife (I drop everything to tune in!)
Fairly Legal*

Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice

Brothers & Sisters

*Shows I'm looking forward to the return of


  1. Tuesday
    Braxton Family Values
    Body of Proof

    Law & Order SVU
    Modern Family
    Happy Endings



  2. I forgot General Hospital which I watch daily

  3. Dame,

    I'm glad that ABC didn't cancel General Hospital. I still tune in occasionally and couldn't bear the thought of Sonny and Jason not available daily.

    I see you gave up SLOTAT. You're missing hilarious Tom moments.

    How was Braxton Family Values?

  4. Remember when... I didn't have/watch television? Now you have me looking like a TV Junkie. Which Potatoe am I?

    I'm mad it's a few shows I watch that's not on your/our list.
    Just think... Thursday Primetime was when it all started "Mother-Daughter Quality time".

    Is it Thursday yet? Where's the snacks? I'll have PEPSI in tow.

  5. Chickadee, you're the potato on the right. LOL

    I remember those days of you not watching television at all. Matter of fact, remember when Fantasia first won American Idol? Dame was here and you pulled out the TV so we could all watch. Now look at you, junkie!

    Can't wait for Thursday. Ah, just the thought of Pepsi...

    List the shows that you watch that aren't on my list.

  6. I forgave up on those kids on SLOAT but I can't wait to watch Switched At Birth

  7. Braxton Family Values is pretty good, I just don't like her sister Tamar

  8. Sunday: Celebrity Apprentice (this season only).
    BeingHuman: on BBC/UK and the US series and Army wives. And lastly, NASCAR (sprite TV)

    Chickadee I see you forgot to mention the "fuckery of Divorce Court".

  9. Thanks for the link love.

    I am so behind on watching Nurse Jackie and the United States of Tara. I forgot about Royal Pains, Fairly Legal, In Plain Sight, Luther, True Blood and The Middle and Modern Family.

    Now I'll have to do a new blog post.

  10. YES!!! I'm a couch potato as well. Toni Braxton show is good. Modern Family and Happy Endings(new show), 30 Rock and you have to catch Dateline of Friday nights, OMG! If you like crime stories, its great. And there's also a Dateline Channel for all of the crime stories. True Coach Potato, I don't want to give it up, waiting on True Blood and Big Brother for the summer!

  11. Dame, the kids on SLOTAT are a hot mess. It's like every week they pick a word and use it at least 5011 times.

    Chickadee, of course Divorce Court is a regular. For the purposes of not appearing TOO much of a couch potato, I only included drama shows in the list above.

    ConvertingME, you're welcome. It's a fun topic! I'll keep an eye out for your new post. I cannot wait for the second season of Luther. You must catch up on Nurse Jackie and U.S. of Tara so we can chat about it.

    Jen, I'll have to check out Dateline on Friday nights. I like crime stories to a degree. If they are close to home or the crime was committed in the area, I get scared. LOL You KNOW I'm waiting for Big Brother. It begins Wednesday, July 6.

  12. Of course we have a lot of the same shows in common. LOL! Add The Chicago Code, Two & Half Men... I want my Charlie back! Plus Law & Order SVU.. SVU LA was better w/ the premiere show. I want to see if they'll keep it up.
    I also need to catch up on Luther on Netflix.
    Call me corny but I liked Detroit 187 & Hawaii Five-0.
    Ummm CSI Miami, Friday Night Lights, LisaRaye, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds, Biggest Loser, Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution...

    Yes you know it honey! My DVR stays full!

  13. Spinks, is Charlie coming back to Two & A Half Men? There were rumors of Rob Lowe taking his place (actor from Brothers & Sisters). The show wouldn't be the same without crazy Charlie.

    Yes, you MUST catch up on Luther. It was only 6 episodes in the first season.

    You're not corny for liking those shows. Call it exercising your DVR. **wink**