Wednesday, January 1, 2014

***Flawless Blogoversary

01.01.14  ♤♡  Page 1 of 365

Today is memorable for several reasons.
  • My Blogoversary ~ I started this blogmoir in 2011 as a memoir in blog format of events and people in this fuckery called life. It has been fun sharing my experiences with you. Cheers to many more!
  • Today is the first blank page of a 365-page book. I intend to write a good one.
  • I am starting to collect images, words, affirmations and physical trinkets for a vision board. I've heard about the positive effects of maintaining a vision board and feel this is the time to start. Last year was very rough for me; 2013 was almost as bad a year as 2008 was. So something's gotta shake! My purpose for the vision board is to bring positive energy by looking at the things that make me happy and goals I will achieve. I have a blank corkboard ready and set to go!
  • Resolutions set you up for failure. Instead I make a life change. Today is the first day I will set aside time to meditate and rest my mind. I will not overextend myself. I will value my time. I will create a healthy balance between work and play. I will allow more "me" time. *insert Flawless hands here*


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