Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Take It All

Bare with me, dolls & gents. Be my strength, sweet baby Jesus. Lent has officially started (March 9 - April 17). I chose to sacrifice my top five vices:


Fried Foods 

Makeup Purchases 



I'll certainly be healthier and have a clearer mind without my liquid crack, deep fryer, and non home-cooked meals. My pocketbook will be heavier without indulging in makeup collections. But my neck? It may be tore up from scratching like a crackhead in the next 40 days. L Biggums, is that you?


  1. LOL! You are not alone. I'm giving up meat - basically becoming a vegetarian- alcohol and sugar. I will be looking like Tyrone Biggums; scratching my neck and twitching because I'm going to be suffering from withdrawals!

  2. I, too, have decided to give up fried foods (as well as gratuitous cussin', ha!) for Lent & it's gonna be so hard as one of my favorite snacks is potato chips. I almost gave up book purchasing, but then I decided to be real w/ my self & admit that I'd be repenting every third day if that were the case, haha!

  3. Lawd Lawd, Is that Tyrone Biggums ? Hell I thought that was me ! My name is: LaTonia Harris and I am a Liquid-crack addict PEPSI !!,come day 10 of lent THAT will be my picture. Lawd, Lawd.

  4. Chickadee, may the good Lawd be with us during this time.

    Jeanette, thanks for reminding me that potato chips are a fried food. So long to this family sized bag of Lays. ::weeps:: Good luck with sacrificing fried foods too. Now YOU KNOW giving up book purchasing isn't reasonable. HAHA

    Marq Biggums, good luck with sacrificing meat, alcohol, and sugar during Lent. You are going to need every ounce of strength and willpower, but you can do it.

  5. Well since I haven't been tweeting lately I didn't know that it was lent until I decided to Google it on my phone and I was in the drive-thru of KFC. Lord please forgive me...

  6. Just passing thru... going through withdrawl PEPSI is calling me...