Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm Fancy, Huh?

I got an award! **slides down the pole, lands in chinese splits, dougies with Tagalongs & Samoas, throws pink confetti, then taps the mic and begins acceptance speech. I'd like to thank God, my Mama...** 

The Stylish Blogger award was bestowed upon me by Yves, the authoress. Of course there are strings attached. I have to reveal seven random facts about myself and recommend a list of bloggers that I feel are worthy of this award. What an honor! So here it goes...

Random Facts about L. Marie
1. I've had migraines since the tender age of four, and have taken medication to prevent migraines since the age of eleven. I really don't know life without the pain of a headache. Pretty sad, huh?
2. I'm an unhealthy eater. Every meal includes additives like salt, butter, black pepper, gravy, sauce, etc. Every meal ends with a dessert too. I know my eating habits have to improve, but I'm not ready for such a drastic lifestyle change.
3. There are random moments that I miss Corporate America. Well, it's the steady, hefty paycheck that I miss. It's been almost 2.5 years since leaving and I still haven't fully adjusted. Although, my stress level has significantly decreased and my happy level is high.
4. Whenever my gas tank is near empty, I turn off the radio and heat/air conditioning. There is no logic behind it, but somehow I feel it helps to preserve gas.
5. I'm a mean girl. In about 50 more years, I'll be that old bitty sitting on the front porch sitting sweet tea talking about my neighbors fuckery.
6. I recently started tracing my ancestry and haven't found any Africans yet. So far, my roots are Irish. I've lived my entire life as a Black American. Depending on the ancestry results, it may just be self-proclaimed.
7. I'm a really private person. Only close friends and family know selective details about my everyday life. So this blogmoir is quite a challenge.

Other Fancy Bloggers Worthy of Award:
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  1. Beautifully said... You never cease to amaze me or your readers.

  2. Congrats Hon!!!!!!! you deserve all the awards