Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sh!t My Mama Do ~ Ch. 2

Of the many talents that my Mama is blessed with, dream interpretation is the most beneficial. Yes, she has the gift to interpret dreams. She doesn't use reference books either. The meaning of a dream and its corresponding numeric definition is all stored in her brain. What is the corresponding numeric definition, you ask? Basically, the 3- or 4-digit lottery number. You may be confused so let me break it down.

The average person has 3-5 dreams per night. The person may or may not remember them upon waking up. For those of us who do remember the dream, it leaves us wondering what it means. This is where Chickadee comes in. Simply tell her your dream and she will interpret it. She then translates it into a lottery number. It is up to the dreamer whether or not to play it. 

This, dolls and gents, is a gift. For Chickadee, she is "just looking for that number." For others, it gives insight to what a dream means and possibly a small fortune. I personally don't remember my dreams every night. For the dreams that do stand out, I ask her to interpret and then play it in the lottery. About 90% of my dreams fall in the lottery and its interpretation happens in real life, so best believe I take advantage. The sh!t my mama do pays!

Now excuse me while I go play midday.

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