Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So Appalled

"If you don't have children, you serve no purpose in life."

How should I begin this? I'm just so offended. This ignorant statement was said to me during a conversation today. A dude looked me straight in the eye and said I have no purpose in life. In his eyes, I am basically worthless because I don't have children.

You're probably wondering what my reaction was. Well, I wear heels 98% of the time. But today, sweet baby Jesus was looking out for dude because I happened to be wearing flats. Had I been wearing a stiletto, my foot would have swiftly kicked him down below. As he's crouched over in pain, I'd tell him that a man serves no purpose in life without balls. POW! 

Instead, I remained calm & responded with my two cents. Procreation is NOT a woman's only purpose. Some women just aren't meant to be mothers, and we don't have to be. This is 2011. Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal in 1973. Adoption is legal, and some countries allow international adoption programs. Women have choices now. So to be an asshat and believe our sole purpose is childbirth is fuckin' ridiculous! **in my best RZA voice**

Success is not measured by how many children you bore. I know plenty of women that are not mothers and are very successful. Look at Oprah. Look at Jennifer Aniston. Look at me! And what about the women who are medically unable to conceive? They are worthless too? Boy BYE...have a seat.

After ranting online, I was more appalled to see that dude isn't alone in his views. There are even women who believe our reason for existing is to produce offspring. Nevertheless, everyone is entitled to a belief. Thanks to all my dolls & gents that co-signed me. For those that agree with dude's statement, (•͡. •͡┌П┐. Logout of life.


  1. Girl I had this old ass lady tell me that before... Boo. Bitch. Bye.

  2. This had me burning up