Friday, February 18, 2011

Random Rant ~ Ch. 2

I want that Rocky & Adrian / Jay & Bey / Obama & Michelle type of love.

I don't contribute to the never-ending, forever collecting, church "building fund." I've exchanged my choir robe for a leopard snuggie. Judge me if you want, but Bedside Baptist fits my needs. The Lord knows my heart.

There are 6 seasons: Winter, Girl Scout Cookies, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Bey Season.

Just because a show is "black" doesn't mean I have to support it. I therefore blame Black Twitter for hyping me up on return of The Game. This season sucks.

Music is everything. There is always a song to fit my current mood.

Blow The Whistle by Too Short is still my party anthem. WHAT'S MY FAVORITE WORD?!

Jay-Z could stand still as a mannequin on a stage. If all he says is, "Uh huh uh uh" or even takes a small breath of air, I'll believe it was the best performance ever. /\ 

There's actually someone I stan for harder than S. Carter.

Once, I took an extremely long nap. Frantically looked outside and it was dark. I thought the world had ended. My first thought was about food. It concerns me I didn't drop to my knees and pray for salvation. 

I the kitchen. Many nights, I wake up with clenched fists holding bits of food, or crumbs on my pillow.

Pepsi is my liquid crack. I literally have a panic attack if I run out.

I'm giving up makeup/beauty purchases and Pepsi for Lent (March 9-April 17). Sweet baby Jesus, be my strength.

Mentally, I reside in the UK. I'm working on the physical part.

I'm a celebrity in my own mind.

Free Sweetie.

Close family & friends know that I'm a mean girl.

The sooner I approach XXX, I see signs of getting old. For example, I've started talking extra loud on long distance calls.

Can I count sold eggs as a dependent?


  1. Our love for Shawn Corey brought us together lol

    Music gets me through each day

    LOL at 6 season and yes Bey season is real

    Why are you talking loud on long distance calls? That is hilarious

  2. Yes Damey! Thanks to Shawn Corey Carter, we are besties! Our love for R&B music was something else that brought us together. Remember that Yahoo group with Icey?

    I'd pull every strand of my hair out if music didn't exist.

    Bey Season cannot be ignored.

    I talk loud on long distance calls b/c I'm getting old. You haven't noticed? Pay attention next time to my voice level and count how many times I ask you to speak up. LLS!

  3. Hey, what about a Sheila & Jason type of love? LOL

    Excuse me but my church doesn't have a 'building fund' but we do have an elevator joke. We need it for the seasoned members.

    I am a Jay Z fan but not a stan.

    You thought the world ended so you tried to grab a snack before Jesus came!!!

    Oooohhh I swear I caught Donovan sleep walking in his room last night! He climbed out of bed and just sat there on his knees holding his blanket.

    I don't know what I'm giving up for Lent. I need to sacrifice a few things.

    Free Sweetie.<---Goodnight!

    Talking loud on long distance calls?!? What the...LMFAO!!

  4. Sheila, you and Jason are my fave real-life couple. Your marriage is a true example of compromise and love.

    I'm sorry...did you say ELEVATOR FUND?!

    I don't know why I thought I'd need snacks in heaven. LOL

    It's very important to not interrupt a sleepwalker. Next time, just watch Donovan and let him climb back into bed himself.

    Ya'll stop clowning me about talking extra loud on long distance calls. I just want to make sure I'm heard across state lines. HAHA