Thursday, January 5, 2012

What is it Called? A Migraine.

If blogging daily was a New Year's resolution, I would have already failed. But I have a valid, yet unfortunate reason.


Photo by Deborah Leigh (Migraine Chick)
A migraine attack. The worst kind. The migraine that wakes me up in the middle of the night, holds my sleep hostage and smacks me upside the head with unbearable pain. I wrote a poem for Migraine Page that was originally published on September 16, 2000 (my 19th birthday). More than 11 years later and it still accurately describes my migraines. 

What Is It Called?

  I have been diagnosed with migraines ever since the age of 4. It is hereditary and hopefully they will cease when I reach the tender age of 30, like the previous women in my family.
Oh God--not another painful day
I took Excedrin Migraine but it chose to stay
The aura began thirty minutes ago
No more vomit--that's when I was four
Nausea, sensitivity to sound and light
Confusion, depression, and no appetite
Can't hardly see because I'm so dizzy
Everyday one out of seven Americans stop their activities
My prescription Elavil is making me drowsy
How can one function feeling this lousy
Time to get the icepack and lie down
Lord give me strength--it's starting to pound
Excuse my jibberish--my words are slurring
Have you experienced this excruciating pain
What is it called--a MIGRAINE

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