Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Year Blogoversary

Today is my one year blogoversary!

To start the 2nd year of my blogmoir off right, I am doing a 12-day blog challenge. Let me keep it all the way funky and warn you. I will more than likely skip days because {insert lame excuse here}. But I will not deprive you of posts. Here are the 12 topics you can look forward to:

Day 1: Spirituality
Day 2: Meaning Behind Blog Name
Day 3: What's in my Bag
Day 4: Song Lyrics That Describe Me
Day 5: My Last Purchase
Day 6: Brit Chick in My Head
Day 7: Something I Will Never Get Tired Of
Day 8: Something I Don't Leave The House Without
Day 9: Something I Miss
Day 10: First 10 Songs on iPod Shuffle
Day 11: This Very Moment
Day 12: My Epitaph

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